taught by Darric Sewell
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Darric Sewell
Darric Sewell
CEO of The Mash The Gas Program

About the Instructor

Our Head is the most important part of our body...and...where the head goes...the body will follow.

People have spent hundreds of dollars on training their bodies (gym memberships, personal trainers, and more). If we are willing to spend this amount of money and more on our much time and energy are we spending investing on training our mind? 

Get Ready to Train Your Mind with the Mash The Gas Program! 

This program is designed for 3 Types of People:

1. Beginners Who Need Additional Training

2. Professional Sales Person Who Need a Boost, Stimulant, and/or Shot in the Arm

3. Experienced Sales Person Who Need To Be Recharged!

This Program provides Real-Life Techniques that will allow you to Take Your Sales to the Next Level!

Remember..Your Attitude Defines Who You Are On a Daily Basis.

Great Attitudes = Success

Get Ready to Mash The Gas!

~Darric Sewell

Congratulations! You Are Ready to Mash The Gas and Take your Sales to The Next Level!

Course Contents

9 Videos
9 PDFs