Course Description

Welcome to my 7 Minute 7 Day Suspension Training Workout Program. This Program is designed for the On-The-Go Person that wants to get a great workout anywhere anytime. All you need is a Suspension Training Bands and this Online Coarse and You Are Ready to Get Fit!

Welcome to My Online Training Program

Stephanie H. Sewell

Stephanie Hilton Sewell is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Former NFL Cheerleader, and National Fitness Competitor.  She wants to share her wealth of knowledge and secrets with you!Let's Get Fit Together!~Stephanie H Sewell

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Attach the TRx Straps

    • Attaching the TRx Suspension Straps

  • 2

    TRx Warm Up and Cool Down

    • TRx Warm Up and Cool Down

  • 3

    Trx Upper Body Workout

    • Trx Upper Body Workout

  • 4

    TRx Lower Body Workout

    • TRx Leg Workout

  • 5

    TRx Full Body Workout

    • TRx Full Body Workout

  • 6

    TRx Abdominal Workout

    • TRx Abdominal Workout